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Chocolate cupcakes


These chocolate cupcakes are a great choice for any occasion. Smooth, fluffy, with an incredible chocolate flavour.

    Prep time
    40 min
    Cook time
    25 min
Mascarpone cream

1. Let chocolate and butter melt in the water spa.
2. In one bowl, mix all of the powdery ingredients.
3. In another bowl, whisk the egg and add cane sugar. Whisk for a while together.
4. Pour heavy cream into the egg-sugar mixture and stir (don’t whisk!).
5. Add chocolate-butter mixture into the egg-sugar mixture (make sure it’s not hot!).
6. Slowly, start pouring the powdery mixture into the chocolate mixture. Stir.
7. The dough is solid (it’s absolutely ok!)
8. Using two teaspoons, put the dough into 12 small muffin baking baskets (and use the muffin baking form), or into 6 paper alone standing baking.
9. Preheat oven - 180C, for 15-25 min (small for 15 min, big for 25 min).
10. Let them cool.
11. In the meanwhile, prepare the mascarpone cream.
12. Pour mascarpaone into a bowl, add sugar and vanilla extract. Whisk.
13. Pour heavy cream and whisk together until stiff (don’t overwhisk the cream!)
14. Let the cream cool down in the fridge.
15. When the cupcakes are cold, decorate them with the mascarpone cream.

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