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Creamy Italian Tiramisu


Tiramisu is one of the best Italian desserts, which you can easily make at home. Creamy whisked mascarpone with sweet biscuits and freshly grinned coffee creates an incredible mixture of flavors.

    Prep time
    30 min

1. Make a cup of strong espresso (the best coffee you have at home!)
2. Prepare two large bowls.
3. Take the eggs and separate yolks from the whites. Put yolks to one bowl, the whites to another one.
4. Beat the whites with a pinch of sea salt until it’s stiff. When it’s done, put them into a fridge for a while.
5. Whisk the yolks, add sugar and slowly stir mascarpone.
6. Take the whites out of the fridge and slowly add it to the mascarpone mixture. Stir only very slowly until you have smooth cream.
7. Pour coffee into a bowl, add amaretto and stir.
8. Prepare a form for tiramisu.
9. Unpack the biscuits and soak one after one in the coffee-amaretto bath and put them in the form next to each other.
10. When the biscuits layer is done, pour approximately a half of the mascarpone mixture and smooth it out.
11. Repeat the biscuits layer (don’t forget to soak the biscuits in the coffee-amaretto bath!)
12. On this layer, pour the other half of the mascarpone mixture and smooth it out.
13. Powder the mascarpone layer with the cocoa powder through a sieve.
14. Let it cool in fridge ideally overnight (at least 2 hours!)

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8 months ago

This looks so good but where are the measurements?

8 months ago

Hi Nick,

true! I forgot to add some measurements. Now it's fixed. :-)