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Fettuccine al Burro (Authentic Alfredo)


The original recipe. Often simpler is better. Just 4 ingredients and done in under 30 minutes. Thank me later.

    Prep time
    5 min
    Cook time
    20 min
Main Dishes

Put a pot with about 4 quarts of water on high heat.

Grate your cheese and set it aside.

Once the water boils add the tablespoon of salt and then your pasta. Stir it occasionally to keep it from sticking. Meanwhile, add the butter to a deep pan and heat it on low heat until the butter melts. Do not brown the butter. (very important)

Cook the pasta until it is cooked but still firm. Do not strain the pasta. And do not discard the water. Instead slide the pot with the pasta next to the pan with the butter and scoop the pasta right from the pot and in to the pan with the butter with a pair of tongs. Do this over low heat.

Once all the pasta is in the pan, add about a cup and a half of the water from the pasta pot. Then add the cheese and turn the past over with the tongs over and over again until a cream sauce starts to develop. If it looks dry add more pasta water. Use the photo for a guide on consistency.

Serve it immediately with grated Romano cheese on the side.

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over 1 year ago

This looks so simple and delicous. I have to try it!

over 1 year ago

looks quick and easy

over 1 year ago

I made this for my husband last night... he loved it! Its my new go to for dinner.

about 1 year ago

I always thought there was cream.

about 1 year ago

was wondering if I can substitute romano cheese, i dont have parm but wanted to make this tonight???

about 1 year ago

I always thought this was so difficult to make. This recipe seems easy. I have to try it!